Get to Know Us

We believe financial innovation is overdue for "early-stage" athletes

We're solving a problem thousands of rising professional athletes face -- accessing the financial runway to train and compete the right way. Our initial focus is funding aspiring PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players through an angel investing model. Let's say goodbye to the days of trying to kickstart promising playing careers through a mix of maxed out credit cards, high-interest rate loans, and part-time jobs that take players away from focusing on their craft.

We're equally motivated to enhance the fan experience

While people have invested in promising young golfers for years, these opportunities have typically been reserved for club members at select "19th holes" around the US. When done right, there's lots to learn from these proven models -- and many "Big Tour" pros who benefited from private backers when they needed support most would readily agree. Our goal is to bring a similar type of opportunity to a wider audience of golf fans, and to supplement the potential for financial returns with a unique community and experiential engagement model that provides "inside the ropes" access for all members.

Our ethos: leveling the playing field in sports -- for athletes of all ages

While we cater to up-and-coming pros and fans of golf's highest levels, we also recognize that the rising costs of competing in organized sports are contributing to a decrease in participation at lower levels for our youngest athletes. We are committed to contributing 5% of annual revenues to organizations that enable economically disadvantaged youth to participate in organized, recreational athletic programs.

We're building a strong team to continue executing on our mission

We're led by our Founder and CEO, Donnie Dotson, who has a diverse background of experience, including business development and investing roles at Sportradar and Goldman Sachs, and as a former Marine and CIA-trained Operations Officer within the US Intelligence Community. In addition to an impressive advisory board of professional golfers, successful startup founders, and investment vehicle managers, Donnie is assembling a talented initial team of product and content experts to push forward with the next phase of Carry.


How does Carry's model work?

Carry facilitates upfront funding for golfers from private investors. In exchange for their contribution to a player's career, fan investors gain access to unique experiential engagement opportunities and potential financial returns. The financial returns are paid by the individual golfers only upon earning full status on the top tours (PGA Tour, LPGA Tour). Any payments by players are made for defined durations at pre-determined rates, which are clearly articulated in signed contractual agreements prior to an initial investment.

What do you mean by experiential engagement?

We aim to foster meaningful and enduring relationships between our fan investors and athletes. Investors are not just sources of capital for financial transactions. They are essential backers who get to feel what it's like to be "inside the ropes" through exclusive engagements like VIP golf outings with our pros and fellow community members.

Can anyone invest in a golfer through Carry?

Our goal is to democratize private investments in golf so that all fans are able to champion their favorite up-and-coming players' careers and participate in the potential financial upside. We will get there. At this time, we are only able to facilitate financial contributions from "accredited investors." We encourage non-accredited investors to join our community now for early access to special events, networking opportunities, and future investment offerings (pending completion of regulatory compliance requirements).